Build the Best Diabetes Diet for You

Receiving the diagnosis that you have diabetes can be devastating, simply because it means that you have to change everything. You have to shift your lifestyle, you have to be aware of things that you never thought about before, and most importantly, you need to radically change your diet. With so much vague, conflicting information on the Internet, this can be a difficult proposition. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work directly with a nutritionist and develop a specific, customized diabetes diet plan that meets all of your needs? puts you in touch with a nutrition expert that can customize a diet that you can stick to, based on your own unique diabetes symptoms.

What many people don’t realize is that there are multiple types of diabetes. In addition to the standard Type I/Type II split, diabetes manifests itself in a variety of ways in the body. Diabetes is simply a label describing a collection of symptoms – certain bodily symptoms may be more prevalent than others in your body. Similarly, there are multiple types of diabetes diet. Some targeted diets work to soothe certain symptoms, but they may aggravate others. This is why diabetes diets don’t always work.

At, our trained nutritionists work with you to construct a diet that fits your specific symptomatic needs.

What Can You Expect in Your New Diet?

Every diabetes diet shares one goal: to control your blood sugar. That means that no matter what, you won’t be consuming as much refined sugar, refined starches, or alcohol as you’re used to. You will have to learn to eat smaller portions as well as snacks during the day. However, depending on whether you have high cholesterol, whether your blood pressure is abnormal, or whether your insulin levels are low (among other things), you may need to focus on one type of diet over another. For some, a meat-rich diet is a great way to reverse blood sugar spikes, while for others, that aggravates their cholesterol levels. They would be better off focusing on vegetables and whole starches.

Benefits of Your Customized Diabetes Diet

When you sign up with, you will enjoy service on so many levels:

* You don’t have to stress out about whether you’re eating well. You get the support of trained professionals to maintain a diabetes diet and ensure that your blood sugar remains at healthy levels.

* You don’t have to spend lots of money. For a fraction of the cost of seeing a doctor in real time, you can develop a relationship with a nutritionist who will work with you over time as your condition changes.

* Your diet is customized to your specific needs. If you absolutely need that pint of ice cream every week, your professional diabetes diet partner will help you find alternatives and compromises that work for you while keeping your body healthy. This is not like the poor service you might get from a doctor, who will simply tell you “don’t eat that.”

* The relationship with your diet partner continues after the first consultation. You will check in regularly to stay on track, and if you have questions about whether certain foods are acceptable, we are available 24/7 to provide knowledgeable, friendly service.

Sample Diabetes Diet Options

Type I Diabetes Plan - Type I Diabetics need to have snacks on hand no matter what. Their bodies can’t produce insulin, so they need to maintain a proper balance between the medicine they take and the food they eat. Timing of a Type I Diabetes diet is almost more essential than the food therein.

Type II Diabetes General Plan - The most important thing for Type II Diabetics is not to binge in a way that will cause blood sugar to spike. A holistic approach to filling your diet with low-carb, low-sugar foods is essential to the customized Type II diabetic

Type II Diabetes w/ Obesity Plan - Reducing obesity levels will improve insulin response, so this diet is necessarily low in fat and high in energy-producing vegetables that will help you burn off the fat.

Type II Gestational Diabetes Plan - Pregnant mothers with diabetes require special care to maintain blood sugar levels, as they’re essentially eating for two. Because diabetes medications can cause damage to the baby, we will help you follow a rigorous, to-the-hour eating schedule to make sure that both you and your baby’s sugar levels remain acceptable.

Get the Personal Touch

Your partner at allows you to have a personal advocate for your health. Having diabetes is hard, and maintaining a healthy diet is always the hardest part of all. Nevertheless, when you have a knowledgeable, caring professional coaching you through the struggle, it can make all the difference in the world. Sign up with today and see for yourself!